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FINANCE 4.0 – 51st Finance Editions

FINANCE 4.0 – 51st Finance Editions

Riding the wave of disruptive transformation in finance

As organizations embark on the journey of business transformation in a demanding and competitive market that calls for a more strategic finance function, harnessing the potential of digital technologies is crucial to optimize business value and drive growth

But more than just a new buzzword, disruptive transformation is all about leveraging disruptive technologies to unlock the power of organizations’ financial data and create value for the business by building intelligent analysis systems to turn otherwise meaningless datasets into actionable insights.

With the pace of business charging ahead at breakneck speed and higher volatility on a global scale, a shift in mindset is required from reporting the past to predicting the future in an increasingly complex market reality, a major challenge that puts the traditional role of CFOs and their finance teams under intense scrutiny. In order to succeed in this endeavor, the right talent must be retained and the necessary resources deployed to structure and implement transformation across the board. Analytics, cloud, blockchain and robotic process technologies allow financial executives to effectively address business problems like liquidity and cash flow while enabling end-to-end automation for financial transactions and payments, in addition to providing key information to anticipate potential problems and make better, insight-driven business decisions.

Addressing the challenge of digital disruption in the business and finance function will be the underlying theme at Finance 4.0, a benchmark annual event sponsored by everis and hosted by Axiom Groupe that brings together CFOs, Finance VPs and Directors from all over Europe to discuss ways of optimizing business value through digital transformation to streamline the finance function, create new value propositions, provide better customer service and increase profitability in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

At this 51th edition, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from September 19th to 20th, high-level speakers from leading companies will be addressing these and other business-critical topics through conference workshops, case studies, think tanks and networking cocktails.

One of the featured speakers is Belén Villasante, Managing Director of Global Finance Transformation at everis, who will unveil the secrets to successful finance transformation in her presentation, “Digital Transformation & People Engagement with Technology”, which will lead into three main discussion topics, followed by a Q&A session:

Our view on what Digital is and what it entails, how it contributes to the strategy and the challenges it poses to the Finance function and Shared Services.

How we have experienced the transformational journey in our respective companies (levers, barriers, sponsorship,…). How it has affected Finance and Shared Services professionals.

How our companies have leveraged the available technologies to drive the digital strategy and journey in Finance and Shared Services.
Are we following the traditional approach or are we taking the opportunity to create more agile/resilient organizations and culture?

Other key speakers who will be participating in different sessions at Finance 4.0 include: Ricard Blasco, Finance Director – Asset; Leandro Martín Lledo, Controlling Director – Grifols; Fabrizio Olivares, Former VP Finance – LafargeHolcim; Christian McFadden, CFO – Harmony; and Roger Mercader, Head of FP&A/Corporate Development – Adamo Telecom Iberia.

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