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The Best of Us

The Best of US

This story is not about magic, but about innovation. Our aim with this interactive video is to highlight the many ways that technology has a positive impact on our daily lives and brings us closer together.

Our voices for the Future

Our voices for the Future

We would like to start this New Year full of energy, strength, and joy. That is why we are going to create a soundtrack for 2022 with Carlos Jean!

Happy New Vibes

Happy New Vibes: Turn your energy into a good deed

This year, we have learned that we can use our energy to improve individually, to do things differently and to stick together. We want to start 2021 by turning that energy into something positive, providing food for people who need it most.

CFO Experience Day 2019

CFO Experience Day 2019

In order for organizations to survive in today’s rapidly changing business environment, CFOs are being urged to step outside their traditional financial role and rise to new technology-driven …