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Finance 4.0: Bringing the financial functions into the 4th Revolution

Business Transformation Finance 4.0

Humans and Technologies partner to foster business growth

Finance 4.0 is a benchmark annual event hosted by Axiom Groupe that brings together CFOs, Finance VPs, and Directors from all over Europe to discuss topics such as:

• Learn how to be a great leader in the era of finance transformation
• Share your vision of the CFO 4.0 role
• Find out about Robotics and AI role in finance
• Listen about an innovative approach to cost management
• Learn how to embrace change from successful stories
• Engage with like-minded professionals

At this edition, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from September 22nd to 23rd, high-level speakers from leading companies will be addressing these and other business-critical topics through conference workshops, case studies, think tanks, and networking cocktails.

One of the speakers is Belén Villasante, Global Digital Finance Transformation partner at everis-an NTT Data Company, who will take part in the debate “Key financial challenges in the digital transformation”, which will lead into two main discussion topics:

• Decision Making Enablement
• Automation in Decision Making

Jaume Figuls, Finance Director L’Oréal Marco Torrente, Chief Financial Officer Europe WebBeds  Sergio de Mingo Gil, Senior Sales Director & Digital Marketing Spain, Tax & Accounting Wolters Kluwer
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A series of conversations with CFOs and finance leaders. These talks are focused on how the Finance area can add value in the digital area.