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Customer analytics

everis excellence center

From everis we observe that leading companies are fully committed to manage the restart after the general surprise and lockdown generated by COVID-19.

Extensive use of business analytics at the service of demand revamp efforts is a key lever to conquer the new scenario.

CFOs and Corporate Controllers at are the core of modelling scenarios with CEO, Commercial and Supply Chain Leadership to drive business insights driven action.

At everis Sales Excellence Center we work with retail, consumer, automotive, energy, and telecommunications companies to increase their sales by improving customer acquisition, knowledge, customer loyalty, DFO by optimizing the management of the sales network. We provide solutions to business challenges throughout the customer’s life cycle by applying different advanced analytical techniques that have a direct impact on earnings, profitability and working capital.

In previous experiences, we have managed to increase sales by up to 4% and customers’ EBITDA by up to 10%. Among other results, we would like to highlight the identification of 16 micro segments based on actual payment habits seeking greater hyper personalization, a fivefold increase in the identification of clients prone to purchasing, cross selling, upselling and unpaying. Identification of more than 40 relevant topics in a customer voice model, or fourfold improvement in the identification and selection of customers prone to drop out.

We are a team with specialized profiles in advanced analytics, business acumen, financial modeling
and visualization that is continuously innovating in our analytical models and continuously optimizing those that have already been implemented. We work in an agile way, adapting to the reality of each client and offering the service model that best fits each case, proof of concept, service or development, and execution and return of knowledge. Additionally, the execution of the project through the SEC gives rise to a series of benefits and advantages for the companies, such as access to the implementation of analytical models using light, flexible infrastructures, without intrusion into the IT architecture of ​​our clients.

everis Excellence Center, converting data into business value.


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