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Category: Finance Analytics

Insights anytime - Dynamic Budgeting

Insights anytime – Dynamic Budgeting

In a scenario like the current one, marked by volatility and uncertainty, new information needs to arise for decision-making. Speed of response is more critical than ever can mark the future of the company.

everis excellence center

Customer analytics

From everis we observe that leading companies are fully committed to manage the restart after the general surprise and lockdown generated by COVID-19. Extensive use of business analytics at the service of demand revamp efforts is a key lever to conquer the new scenario.

Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition

Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition

How a major transportation player provides Demand Planning Services for its Franchises and Network of Peers to improve operations. Today, competitive advantage is not driven exclusively by the resources you control, but those you can access. Increasingly, rather than owning resources and capabilities

Omni channel strategy performance improvement

Omni channel strategy performance improvement

Most companies across sectors are progressing towards a customer centric strategy, looking for providing a successful service experience to their customers and consumers throughout the entire procurement cycle.