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Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition

Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition

How a major transportation player provides Demand Planning Services for its Franchises and Network of Peers to improve operations.

Today, competitive advantage is not driven exclusively by the resources you control, but those you can access. Increasingly, rather than owning resources and capabilities outright, leaders use platforms to access ecosystems of technology, talent and information. The path to success is a lot more about nudging your way to the center of the network and how you transform data into business impact. Here lies the concept of Co-opetition.

everis has worked with a major transportation player to meet its customers’ expectations to deliver door to door in reliable and record time, outperforming the market. To do that relies on a fragmented network of franchises, proprietary fleet of vehicles, logistics platforms, subcontractors and competitors leveraging an analytics engine.

The Demand Planning Services and Engine provides data to all the network nodes on monthly, daily and hourly needs to predict and confirm the type of products that each player will have to deliver. The level of granularity allows each partner to significantly reduce the individual investments on Analytics Technology and the combined optimization of routes, freight combinations, warehouses, vehicles, labour costs, … across the network.

Operations, Sales, Finance and Technology work as a team to enable positioning this major transportation player at the core of the evolution in the sector, piloting the co-opetition strategy whilst achieving 2 digit cost reduction rates.

Benefits achieved

Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition


Enablement of New Business Models, Co-opetition
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