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Finance Digital Transformation in a Service Company

Finance Digital Transformation in a Service Company

The high competitiveness of the market and its adjusted margins are demanding the sector to be agile and foster efficiency.

The digital transformation is being accelerated by the possibilities of automation in low value-added activities, enabling Finance professionals to focus on value adding activities that generate a competitive advantage.

Finance areas are leading the digital transformation, moving from high efforts dedicated to back office execution to an advisory function. Being core at the design and implementation of the company’s strategy acting as a true business partner to internal and external stakeholders.

Case Study

Multinational services company over 1.8 billion euros revenues, presenting in 15 countries featuring an average 20% year on year growth, where Finance Area has a decentralized and technologically obsolete model.

Key challenges posted to Finance area preventing:

With the current company context, everis designed a series of solutions based on four transformational value drivers:

four transformational value drivers


The implemented solutions achieved the following benefits.
Benefits Finance Digital Transformation
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Voice of Finance

Gerhard Luebke CFO at NTT DATA EMEAL

Cláudio Marta Mendes, CFO at Correos Express

Voice of finance 
A series of conversations with CFOs and finance leaders. These talks are focused on how the Finance area can add value in the digital area.