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Technical Innovation in Finance

How technology is impacting Digital Finance sector

The executive team of the everis Digital Finance Transformation Unit shared their vision on how technological innovation has become the key driver of change in the finance function:
Belén Villasante, Managing Director of the Digital Finance Transformation Unit
Ruth Alcázar, Director of the Digital Finance Transformation Unit
Patricia Herrero, Manager of the Digital Finance Transformation Unit
José Ángel Mateo, Manager of the Digital Finance Transformation Unit

In today’s fast-paced business environment, CFOs are being called upon to shift their focus from the traditional role of managing and safeguarding company assets to drive business decisions and co-pilot digital finance transformation in their organizations. This requires making better-informed decisions based on real-time, quality, traceable data using complex analytical and predictive models based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that will allow them to trade reporting the past for predicting the future.

This calls for a new mindset, one that advocates a data-driven culture, and new skills to help overcome resistance to change and transformation. Only then can organizations aspire to successfully unleash the full potential of their data. In this disruptive scenario, CFOs face growing pressure to effectively align investment in revolutionary technologies with the business strategy and core finance function.

In this new business reality, companies need a technology partner with innovative capacity and the ability to leverage and apply digital technologies to address new challenges. That partner is everis.
everis is at the forefront in the application of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain to new business models that place Finance at the core of the definition of the strategy and its deployment.

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